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Business world is Brutal. Don’t become an easy Prey

We're providing full spectrum services for retail, wholesale and shopping malls. From business intelligence all the way to consulting.

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Increase sales and profits

Stay ahead of the pack and focus on what really matters. Growing your business. Lately we've been hearing that analysts spend up to 80% of their time just on data preparation. Our solution provides them immediate answers.

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Unlock the insights from big data

Actionable and easily understandable insights that are also easy to implement even for small and medium sized companies. Find connections between any product or category in any time period you desire.

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Make better business decisions

What product or service makes the most money for your company? Be in the know, understand what really makes your business tick. Maximize customer convenience and ROI.

Business Intelligence Simplified

Were aiming to simplify how companies interact with data. When designing the value proposition for each segment, quality of customer experience was at the forefront. Korner delivers actionable insights without bias. Trusted by world's leading brands, it's a proven way to increase your company's profit, gross margin, and other KPI's.

Great for retail

We have designed Korner to be the most comprehensive analytical tool to improve retail decisions, increase your profits and other KPIs.

  • Uncover customer spending habits and their in-store behavior.
  • Improve overall business performance thanks to advanced predictive analyses.
  • Identify best selling products and categories.
  • Reduce overstocks by more than 15% and avoid stock-outs.
  • Discover performance of your marketing channels and activities.

Ready for distribution

Most wholesalers are not getting the most out of their data. Often due to its sheer volume, varying sources, or lack of analysis and comprehension. Does that sound familiar?

  • Benefit from advanced product segmentation techniques.
  • Reduce excess inventory by utilizing advanced replenishment models.
  • Get a single view of orders across all channels.
  • Map your sales team productivity to achieve targets on time.
  • Empower your vendors with reliable knowledge.

Think big!  

Leverage data from multiple sources, drive your leasing strategy, optimize operations, and create a sustainable marketing plan for growth.

  • Plan layouts based on footfall analysis.
  • Discover correlations across multiple data sources: such as weather or demography.
  • Plan rent and tenant composition based on actionable data.
  • Collect data from tenants ERP and POS.
  • Uncover insights about customers thanks to loyalty feature integration.

Consulting services

Our consulting services focus on helping clients shape strategic decisions as well as operational processes. From insight to action – are there for you every step of the way.

  • Improvement of data quality and processes.
  • Stunning loyalty programs.
  • Employee renumeration.
  • Integration of new technologies.
  • Recognizing your data's big picture.
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